We are an organization that provides respite and refreshment to special needs moms.


We are a non-profit organization that exists to serve special needs moms.

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The Shepherd’s Well at Marigold Wellness Collective

Monday, November 6, 2023

9:00 am – 3 pm

1438 Sharon Copley Rd, Wadsworth, OH 44281

A time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit


We are committed to the well being of the families, volunteers, and workers that make up The Shepherd’s Well. Every person that attends is either vulnerable or loves someone who is vulnerable to this virus. As we move forward, we will continue to be cautious.

Buffet Lunch

Enjoy some complimentary food and good fellowship with other special needs moms.

Various Activities

Enjoy a 15 minute chair massage, relax in the quiet room, unwind with restorative movement, release your concerns with spiritual direction and/or prayer opportunities, and much more.

“My heart cries out for rest. The constant weight and responsibility I feel can wear me down. Having a son with special medical needs means being alert 24/7. It means always being watchful and knowing that things can change in an instant. And then there are the normal pressures of life and marriage. I have two other children. How can I possibly keep up with it all? And then, it’s a Shepherd’s Well Tuesday. I get away! I rest! I relate with other moms. I am prayed for, pampered, and even feel the freedom to close my eyes in a quiet room and take deep breaths. Retreat. Respite. I am refreshed at the Good Shepherd’s well. I am filled with gratitude to the women who give of themselves; not just their skills and talents, but truly of themselves. They care. They pray. They invest in our children’s lives by pouring into ours. I am thankful!”


“Shepherd’s Well has something for everyone and gives me an opportunity to try a variety of things, making it a time to call my own. I’ve come to look forward to this cherished time of self-awareness and self-care as mandatory for my role as a caregiver and mom. I am blessed and grateful to have discovered such a unique place, available to me each year at no cost. The only requirement is to put myself first and allow others to love on me, so that I can continue to care for my disabled son with a “full tank”. Also, my heart is full knowing that I can call the women who volunteer to make this all possible and other attendees my friends. My first time is as memorable as my last time; I don’t ever want to miss Shepherd’s Well!”


“Shepherd’s Well has been an AMAZING experience I will cherish ALWAYS! ALL the volunteers do such a great job and make me feel so comfortable! I so enjoy any opportunity I get to attend a retreat. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!! I really do look forward to that special day because they don’t come often. Thank you sincerely for giving us moms a few hours to regroup and just be a person!!!”


“The Shepherd’s Well was truly a blessing that provided an opportunity for me to connect with other women with similar experiences. I went alone, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming I instantly felt included and at ease. I felt rejuvenated emotionally, physically and spiritually at the end of the day. God reminded me that I need to take care of myself just as much as I take care of others.”


“I attended the Shepherd’s Well for the first time last mother’s day celebration you had. I didn’t know what to expect and from the moment I walked through the doors I felt a breath of fresh air. “I could breathe.” It was at that moment I realized how much I truly need a break and that it is ok to take time for myself. So I walked around and signed up for the different experience that were offered . The first thing I signed up for was the massage. Again I didn’t know what to expect, but you can never go wrong with a massage. I will never forget sitting it that chair and again it was like a breath of fresh air– “I could breathe”–and at that moment I began to cry–happy tears–I had found something that allowed me to breathe and know that it is ok to take a break and just breathe. And for that I will forever be grateful.”


“So thankful for Shepherd’s Well! Every visit has relaxed and revitalized me… The activities are just what tired moms appreciate and don’t get enough of, the food is delicious and always with a gorgeous tablescape, and the fellowship is precious! Thank you for providing much needed respite in such a meaningful way!”