The founders of The Shepherd’s Well have a passion for moms who experience the challenging demands of mothering a child with special needs and different abilities. Our desire is to offer these moms opportunities to get away from the challenging demands for a few hours and exchange them for rest and refreshment.

As I was seeking “what’s next” in life after our last child was married, I was challenged by a good friend to pray for what “my passion” might be. That passion became apparent with the birth of our precious granddaughter, Meghan, who was born medically fragile and with special needs. With her birth and subsequent visits to hospitals, therapy facilities, rehab units, and functions that provide for special needs families I became acquainted with a whole new community of people–parents of special needs children and, specifically, the moms. As I observed their constant care for their children, I saw women who were exhausted, lonely, anxious, and discouraged. The passion grew inside me to provide a way to offer them respite and refreshment to nourish their minds, their bodies, and their spirits. What better way than to feed them, pamper them, pray with them, laugh with them, and provide connections for friendships! It has been said that “passion is the fuel in the engine of your purpose.” My passion was born through prayer and that passion led to the beginning of The Shepherd’s Well. It is our Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, who promises “whoever drinks the water I give ​her​ will never thirst.” It is our hope The Shepherd’s Well continues to provide all that is needed to nourish these moms.


Shepherds Well is the beautiful example of how God causes all things to work together for good! He has used my daughter Meghan’s life to change, mold and shape us into who He wants us to be. Meghan’s Grammie Jane saw a need in my life as a special needs mom for support, encouragement, rest, and the living water that only Jesus can provide. Through inspiration from the Holy Spirit, a vision was cast, and the Shepherds Well was dug. What a blessing to witness the many mamas that have been ministered to as we walk the path God has called us to, caring for our special needs children.


Keith and Carol Klekota are a husband and wife team. As co-founders of Hopewood Retreat Ministries, Keith and Carol and their volunteers help guide the vision of Hopewood, making every retreat emotionally and spiritually refreshing.

Carol is a licensed counselor and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist. Keith has a degree in special education and years of experience as an educator and spiritual leader. Together, they have facilitated restorative spiritual retreats for 20 years.


Sherri brings her expertise of event planning to The Shepherd’s Well. She provides beautiful table scapes, decorations, ideas for crafts and uses her professional expertise from her company, Blossoms and Bouquets by Sherri, as her inspiration to bless the moms who come to The Shepherd’s Well.


Diane brings her expertise as baker and chef to The Shepherd’s Well. She provides delicious hot meals and decadent desserts and uses her professional expertise from her business, Sweet Blessings Baking, to bless the moms who come to The Shepherd’s Well.